Lyme Disease Treatment: A Wolf in Sheeps clothing.

One of the most important things to understand about activism is exposing the REAL truth about the matter.  For example, when a disease is politicized, false truths often leave sufferers with misleadingly false treatment options that are set in place by governing bodies that claim come from evidence based practices. The problem here is that, people who are desperately ill will do any thing to get better. However, little do they know that these treatments are merely a wolf in sheeps clothing. To elaborate, the cozy fur is used to keep patients warm and comfertable, however once the outter layer (of the matter)  is all used up, the painful truth (about misleading treatments) bears its sharp teeth.

Enter Lyme Disease. One of the greatest conspiracies to ever hit western medicine.  Prior to the 90’s, Lyme Disease was recognized as a neutologic, arthritic, and immune suppressing disease. However, after  after a Lyme Disease vaccine (LYMErix) was developed by CDC in the 90’s, many people were given OspA, a fungal antigen which gave them the same symptoms of Lyme Disease without them being exposed to the Actual Spiroche. As a result, The CDC/IDSA falsified the testing so that it would omit people who became sick from the vaccine. Subsequently, A Lyme Disease diagnosis reduced to solely an arthritic disease (ommiting 85% of all neurologial LymeDisease cases). As a result of vaccine injuries, the CDC/IDSA changed the standardized testing to omit OspA (what caused the vaccine injury and the real cause of post-sepsis syndrome in Lyme patients) from the diagnostic criteria in order to avoid being prosecuted for the lyme cryme. Meanwhile, today hundreds of thosusands of people a year arw becoming ill each year. In addition, millions continue to suffer and/or die a slow painful death so that the CDC/IDSA can hide the Lyme Cryme.

As a side affect of the corruption caused by the CDC/IDSA, the wolf in sheeps clothing come to comfort the oh so desperately sick Lyme Disease patients. Millions of sufferers believe that killing the spiroche will save them from this dreadful disease. The problem is, once the treatments are stopped, the real B-cell aids, post- sepsis like disease bears its teeth and leaves Lyme Disease patients struggling with an AIDS like disease caused by the fungal shedding (OspA) antigens caused by Lyme spiroche and the LYMErix vaccine.

In the end, the CDC/IDSA must be prosecuted in order for millions of people to have relief from their sufferings.  The post-sepsis/B – cell AIDS like diseases caused by Lyme Disease must be accounted for or millions of people will continue to suffer. We need to bust the myth that curing the infection is how we are going to cure this dreadful disease.  We need to expose the criminals, and stop spending thousands of dollars on these so called cures (sheep) that are merely wolves in disguise

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